Tuesday 26th- goal 250 calories

Breakfast: skipped

Morning tea: 2 chocolate Easter eggs, both purged

Lunch: Roll, 200 calories

Afternoon tea: skipped

Dinner: skipped

Headaches are a blessing and a curse. On one hand, I basically got out of a whole day of eating. On the other hand, I’m in complete agony!

I had to go to the doctors today. Good news- I’ve lost 1.5kg which puts me at 45.5kg or 100 pounds. Yay!




I think some girls are hypocrites

Why are you allowed to love your ‘curves’, but it’s wrong for me to love my ‘bones’?

Why is it okay for you to call me anorexic, but horrible for me to call you fat?

Why can you laugh and tell me to eat some chips, but I can’t laugh and tell you to eat some celery?

If you can tell me to gain weight, why can’t I tell you to lose weight?

If you can feel beautiful for being big, then I can feel beautiful for being thin. 

Get over it. 


Monday 25th, goal 500 calories

Mondays… it’s the day of the week when we look back and think about what we did wrong last time and what we’re going to do this time. We promise ourselves that we’re going to do better this week. We make plans, we make promises, and through the week we strive to keep them.


Breakfast: yoghurt, weetabix and hot-chocolate (purged within 20 minutes)

Morning tea: tic tacs (orange) 100 calories

Lunch: 1/2 a sushi (50 calories) and a handful of grapes (approx. 35 calories) and three strawberries (15 calories)

I’m not looking forward to dinner- dinner is the one meal of the day that I have no control over. Mum can serve me breakfast and make sure I eat it, but when she leaves I can purge it. Mum isn’t there for afternoon tea, morning tea or lunch, so those meals (if I eat them) I’m free to make low calorie or to purge. That leaves dinner, the meal mum makes and makes me eat, then watches me after so I don’t purge.